How AI and Auto-Complete will Change How We Interact Online Forever

Social media has become an integral part of many people’s lives as internet users access information and communicate with each other in an instant. The success of social media avenues such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram shows that the world has fully embraced the idea of the World Wide Web. In recent years, various technologies have been introduced and integrated into web-based platforms to enhance user experiences by making it easy to access different services in the most efficient way possible. Two of such emerging technologies are AI and auto-complete features. This discussion will delve into how exactly AI and auto-complete will change the way we interact online.

shutterstock_341629238Description of AI and auto-complete

AI stands for artificial intelligence or simulated human intelligence by machines. Online, companies such as Facebook and Google are using it for image recognition. AI makes it easy for people to find what they are looking for when checking their friend’s photos. Also, AI can be used to search through large chunks of data captured by social networking platforms made possible through a set of algorithms. Auto-complete refers to a software feature that enables users to complete words quickly that they might have used before. In social networking, this is quite beneficial when chatting with friends on Facebook or ICQ chat program, which is a very popular instant messaging application.

Artificial intelligence revolution

As the world becomes “smaller” due to globalisation, international interaction becomes a necessity. Internet users who work from different countries or families whose members have relocated stand to benefit from technologies that enhance prompt communication. As such, AI and auto-complete features will change the way we interact online by making it easy to access accurate information and send messages within a very short period. With these technologies, users will save time when communicating with their friends and when looking for specific data. As similar technologies are integrated into social media platforms, people will interact more smoothly and get the data they want with limited hassle.